While Sheldon Slept…

Hi.  This is Ella’s mom.

While Sheldon slept on the clubhouse roof today, Ella wrote letters to the Texas State Representative and Senator of our district.  Cats have a way of slowing down the letter-writing process, but Ella succeeded eventually.

Here’s her letter:


Dear Representative Sheffield,

As a nature lover I must voice my complaint about the trees that have been poisoned along our beautiful Texas highways.  Ladybird Johnson made a difference by making sure we kept our highways nice-looking.  Just ask yourself, what would Ladybird say if she saw the trees lining our gorgeous Texs highways were being poisoned?

Here are some of the worst cases in  our county.  They are in between D— and S—-.  TxDOT has sprayed trees that are very small and not about to grow over the highway in the next hundred years.  But it’s not just in our area.  I have an eyewitness who says sprayed trees are all  over the state.

Seeing sprayed and poisoned trees is depressing for me any many others.  I am a preteen and have my whole life ahead of me.  It doesn’t have to be depressing.

My suggestion is to cut the trees when they need it.  Spending time to make things beautiful is a small price to pay, Representative Sheffield.  I want you to know, green is the new fashion!

Sincerely yours,


And here are the trees:

ptp3 ptp2 ptp1

Awful, aren’t they?


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