The Signs of Fall

I always have liked cool or cold weather, so writing about fall and the amazing things it brings is a joy! The most noticeable sign of fall is how the weather gets cool. My family and I live in Texas so for us it’s a pleasant change for us.The most common attribute you hear about fall is how all the plants change colors. Around here we have several types of trees. The most normal color change is from green to yellow to orange to red to brown, then the leaves fall. These colors are the ones commonly found in pecan, oak, and cedar elms.

There are also three U.S. holidays in autumn. They are:  Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Columbus Day. People celebrate Halloween by dressing up and going to houses with their children to get candy. Most people in the United States celebrate thanksgiving by making traditional foods and putting up decorations that have to do with the first celebrated Thanksgiving, like Indian corn and popup turkeys Last but NOT least is Columbus day, which is celebrated because Columbus found the Americas on that date—you know—Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492!

In fall people tend to make warm comfort foods. This morning we went to Starbucks and my mom got a pumpkin spice latte. Other people drink tea and hot cocoa. It’s a great time for soups, hot pie, cobbler with ice cream, apple and cinnamon flavors, and of course, hot apple cider!

To go with food there are the smells and feelings. People like to be warm so you might find happy smelling candles, crisp air and to go with that, a clean smell! There are many other smells, but I’ll let you find those out for yourself!

Hawthorn berries at our place.

Hawthorn berries at our place.


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