The Exquisite Quilt Show

The Granbury Quilters' Guild exhibition

The Granbury Quilters’ Guild exhibition

On Friday, October 4th, I went to a quilt show. I went with my mom and four other crafters. This may sound strange, but it was the Granbury, Texas, Quilters’ Guild, showing in another town: Glen Rose Texas. We got to the parking lot at around 9:55, the show started at ten. That gave us just enough time to get our stuff and ourselves out of the two cars and to the front door.

Once we got inside we were told about what was going on and a game we could play to get a prize basket worth more than three hundred dollars! The basket was stuffed with at least ten quilting books, some goodies, fall thing like decorative pumpkins, and whatever else they could stuff in that thing! To win you were given a slip with the names of types of quilt squares. You had to go around to all the vendors, who had the name of the square and a number to go with it.

Our crayon-colored fabric samples.

Our crayon-colored fabric samples.

Mom and I got the numbers down, and turned in our slips. Then, we did some interesting art. We took a crayon class. We were given a piece of white fabric with snowflakes on it. We were asked to take a light and a dark crayon, next we colored with the dark then the light. After that we did a heat treatment, using an iron to warm the wax so it was more susceptible to blending with a cotton swab. We repeated that more than a couple times. When we were finally done it looked spectacular!

After we went around to all the vendors, we finally looked at the quilts; I was astounded at all the craftsmanship! There were lots of types, like log cabin, Baltimore albums, applique, and t-shirt quilts. There were lots of vibrant colors, too!

We stayed till about 12:15 and then went to lunch at a place called the Storiebook Café, which I highly recommend, and then got some pie!

The Storiebook Café in Glen Rose, Texas

The Storiebook Café in Glen Rose, Texas


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