The Jury Misadventure

Jury Duty

Last Monday, I was up and about at 7:00 a.m. The reason for this, is that my dad got a jury summons–and we could go! So I got dressed and ate breakfast. After getting my shoes from the bunk house, my mom and I headed out. It was in the middle of the drive that our pickup started to ding furiously at us. We finally figured out (after the hood started steaming) that the engine was overheating.

After standing on the side of a smelly dirt road for the good part of twenty minutes, my oma physically responded to our call for help by picking us up and taking us to the courthouse.

We came in as people were handing in their information cards, and just as the judge was calling a recess. In this 45 minute break we told my dad about what happened to us.

Then my dad filled us in about how at first there were 26 cases and how some had been postponed, settled, and/or solved, so altogether the Court only had six cases left.  He told us how the clerk took roll three times in case someone was just late.

For jury duty, the Court called upon registered voters and people with driver’s licenses.  Voter registration is updated every year, but driver’s licenses are checked every ten years. So if absent people had not moved, they’d be required to come next week with a $100 fine for contempt of court.

After the recess we only had one case left. The judge picked a jury panel of 40 people out of 100, not taking my dad. As  some of you will know a jury only needs 12 people. The reason they needed 40 is so they could choose the twelve.

After all that we went to a store and got four gallons of water. We drove back to the truck. My dad poured two and a half gallons of water  into the radiator. We drove to the repair place to get the pickup fixed. Other than that we had a nice time eating lunch out.


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