Cosmo Napoleon Beauregard

Cosmo is a black dog with a brown muzzle, paws and back end. He weighs 35 pounds and is about ten years old. The type of dog he is, is rare and very cute. It’s called a standard Manchester terrier. Their noses are long and their ears are crooked. The best use of this long nose is for burrowing under covers.

Cosmo LOVES to be the center of attention at all times, or at least to be loved on while others are in a conversation. Cosmo is a nice dog but he is spoilt rotten, he is always grumpy if you don’t tell him how handsome and amazing he is. If you ask him he won’t tell you we (the humans who feed and care for him) are his masters, but he is our master.  But of course we humans have other ideas.

Cosmo has a little buddy named Finn who is much younger and less grumpy. In the mornings  Cosmo and Finn get treats and dog food.  They go back to bed.  Then Finn decides to get up only to disturb Cosmo and start biting his neck and playing around.

Altogether you can’t beat these little guys, but you have to make sure not to let them fool you by the FALSE pretenses that they are cold and hungry (by shaking of course) while you are eating!

Finn and Cosmo

Finn and Cosmo


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