Bob Tomato

Once there was a tomato named Bob. Bob was still a green tomato, but he had fallen off his parent plant. Bob the tomato was very plump and when he grew up and got ripened, red, and tasty, he would be delectable!

Bob Tomato, by Ella's sister, Eva

Bob Tomato, by Ella’s sister, Eva

A week passed. And Bob was a ripened, red, and tasty tomato. Then, in the middle of a nap, he was picked up by a hungry child. The young girl who picked Bob up was named Abby. When Bob woke up, he started to scream because Abby was using hot spring water to wash him. As an orphaned tomato, he did not know how to react when he encountered an animal or human, so when Abby screamed and ran to her mother, in the large village garden, Bob kept screaming.

As adult people know, tomatoes DO NOT SCREAM. So to seven year old Abby, this progression was not as astonishing as it was to her mother. When Abby showed her mother the screaming tomato, her mother fainted.

As soon as little Bob ran out of screaming air and began to pant, Abby smiled at the tomato and said hello. Bob soon breathed frightened a reply, “H-Hello.”

Snatch! Abby’s dog had jumped up and taken Bob in his mouth, right before the devious cat lunged for the plump tomato! The dog started to run in the direction of Abby’s house and into his huge dog bed.

Bob shakily opened his eyes. He realized he was half way across the ten hut village in a dog bed, being held by Abby  (who was in the dog bed) while she was talking to the dog.   She was telling him thank you for saving the tomato from the cat.

After Abby realized that Bob’s eyes were open she asked him his name. He told her that he was a rare, talking, everlasting tomato, they all began to talk and ask questions. From then on they were friends.


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