The Ill-Fated Lab Tour

“Hello there, I’ll be your tour guide,” said Lanea. “Now that you have chosen your place in line we may begin.”

Lanea started walking.  “If you look to your left, you can see our janitor, Dave, carrying two abnormally large trash bags.  He wants all you young ladies to know he is single!” commented the tour guide with a slight twinkle in her eye as Dave winked at a blond young girl with hazel eyes.

“He has to carry these trash bags because one of our labs froze over and our supplies had to be thrown out.  Due to one of our scientists deciding to get his bowl of chili and left the door of the freezer open.  Don’t ask me why he froze his chili, but he did.

“Everyone has denied having chili that night.  I can’t describe the tone of voice used with the words spoken by the culprit!  Oops! I didn’t mean to excite you!”  The group of people were silent with quiet amusement.  They were standing just by the place they had seen Dave.

“Is this lab located on a slope?” asked a boy.

“Yes,” said Lanea and started walking again.  “I don’t mean to be impolite,” she said.

“Oh! We’ve arrived!  My favorite hall! This hall’s design was a failure, but the ‘flawed’ type of arch became a new style.” told Lanea.

A stout man came and whispered something in Lanea’s ear.  Her smiling face turned grim.  “Sorry,” she said, “we’ll have to stop the tour.  The growth of the accident has nearly reached us.”

“Surely it can’t be that cold,” said a thin girl.

“You haven’t heard all of it yet,” said Lanea glumly.  “Everyone trying to shut the freezer has died!”

“But it can’t be that cold,” said the thin girl again.

“No it isn’t,” said the shocked tour guide, “It’s the smell of the chili.”


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