The Lichen Report

Lichen is a partnership between algae and fungi. It used to be considered a plant, but now it is in the middle of the protists and fungi kingdoms.

Foliose Lichen

Foliose Lichen

More Foliose Lichen

More Foliose Lichen

We have two kinds of lichen here on my grandparents’ farm. The first is a delicate sea green in color and will grow on things like tree branches. Its scientific description is foliose, it means leaf-like.

Fruticose Lichen

Fruticose Lichen

The other is shrublike, and its scientific description is fruticose.

Crustose Lichen

Crustose Lichen

Another kind of lichen grows on Enchanted Rock and other such places. It looks like rust, and go figure, its  scientific description is crustose. Crustose means crusty.

Like all non sibling humans, we have different parents that are still human.  Parents have different traits that they pass their children. All lichen is basically the same, like mammal children. These are only three forms of lichen, out of five, plus different variations, some of which might even grow in your back yard. 🙂


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