James Bond: Dog Spy

Spies Still Out in the Cold

Spies Still Out in the Cold


James is a huge dog, and is about three years old. He’s white with the occasional black spot. He was found at our new house in Texas. He was just skin and bones at first, because he hadn’t eaten in a while. He didn’t trust us, so he hid behind a tree (some of his head was hidden, but not the rest of him) and then peered around. We think James came from a secret spy training place, but he can’t wear sunglasses so he is not a traditional spy… and the fact he is a dog contributes to the reason he’s not traditional.

James is now a 90 to 100-pound dog, and we are working on the sunglasses thing. His favorite things are: eating cat food, having cats get promptly thrown from HIS bed and James being invited to sit in it, playing with his little buddy Finn, playing with everything, and last, sliding around on ice.

James, Cosmo, and Finn are all unique dogs. James may be shy and lazy, but I still love him just as much Finn, Cosmo, and all the cats.


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