The Pound Cake

Our Pound Cakes

Our Pound Cakes

Today my mom and I baked a dessert called a pound cake. The other day my friend Jackie and her family gave us three and a half dozen eggs. Usually we don’t eat that many eggs, so we decided to make a pound cake, which needs nine eggs.

The pound cake derives its name from the old recipe. This older recipe calls for, one pound of all the following ingredients: butter, eggs, flour, sugar.

Nine Egg Whites

Nine Egg Whites

In our recipe, we had to cream butter and sugar, mix in flour and egg yolks, (first we had to separate the yolks from the whites) and whip the whites. Then to complete the pre-baking stage we folded the frothy egg whites into the batter.

Pound cake has a crusty outside and a chewy, succulent inside. It tastes sort of like cheesecake, but less creamy, and more bread-ish. I like it because it is simple, tasty, and great for almost any occasion!


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