The Mysterious Occurrences Of Widow Mansion

Long Oaks was a strange, out of the way town. It was one of those small places that never seemed to get any bigger. One of the strangest things about this place, was that it was at least as old as the The War of Independence, but it had no known historical records. It was if someone had destroyed all the history. The builders of the rundown, rickety, old town were long dead, and so were their secrets.

Like every old town, Long Oaks had a place that frightening stories were made up about. Unlike, most old towns, Long Oaks was just plain scary, and the fact that they had the mysterious occurrences at Widow Mansion to think about, didn’t make it any less frightening.

“Any way you try look at this town’s situation, you get so scared, you pee!” said Mark, one of the previous Long Oaks elementary school students. The day after Mark said this, he and his very frightened family, moved out.

People were scared of the noises. Scared of the screams.

The day before the event, the town was acting abnormally non-scary. The children didn’t come home with white faces, saying they had seen a ghost. The cooks’ food didn’t taste like old oatmeal, and most strangely, nobody really had a bad day. But the villagers knew, something was wrong, something was horribly wrong.

The next day, after school, Mark and two other boys dared each other to go into Widow Mansion. They said they saw things, scary things. The worst (and most unbelievable) was that they saw the widow herself. People had gone there before but only heard noises. Screams, footsteps and such, but never had they seen anything.  The boys brought something back that was stranger than the boys’ story—the widow’s will.

The widow was old and had a fatal disease called small pox. She lived in a Puritan society, and didn’t have any relatives, except her loving son who was the owner of the mansion (and soon all of the widow’s property). They were rich and good people. Sadly, before the widow died of small pox, she was drowned for being a suspected witch.

Her last words before she was dunked in the water were,  “ MY SON!” Her son was now owner of everything in the mansion. From then on she haunted the town.

The only thing in her will that was recovered, was a shining locket. The town decided that they would have to give the locket to the son’s grave. So one day  three scared people approached the son’s grave and placed the locket onto the flat ground. The ground sucked the locket in, and suddenly the grey clouds that seemed to always hang over the town lifted and everything turned green and happy. Long Oaks was never haunted or saddened again.


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