Bob ’n Sox

Bob the Cat, relaxing after work

Bob the Cat, relaxing after work

Bob the cat lives at a lab. Yesterday he ate a lab rat. Nobody got mad at him though. The reason for that is, Bob owns the lab.

Bob is a black cat, he looks very good in his white lab coat. One day, Bob was in his white lab coat mixing a vat of Kitty Mix, when Sox walked in. Sox is Bob’s tabby lab assistant. Sox looks very good in her white lab coat. Sox was purring and holding a clip board.

She said, “Mr. Mayor Cat says that we should go ahead and make the Fish Finder.”

“Good,” said Bob.

So they started.

Sox, tabby lab assistant

Sox, tabby lab assistant

When they were done, they ate some fish they had caught with the new invention. They announced that they were finished, and arranged a time to present the invention. After that, they went to bed.

The next day, they got up bright and early. Bob  put on his white lab coat and tie, and caught more fish. After they ate, Bob and Sox flossed and packed the Fish Finder into its carrier case and went to the wharf.

They met Mr. Mayor Cat, and the rest of the town. They set the Fish Finder in the water. after about five minutes, it hopped out of the water holding three good sized fish. After they ate to there content, Mr. Mayor Cat called for quiet. He asked Bob and Sox to stand up.

He said, “Bob and Sox have created the best invention this town has seen since the fishing pole. I think that this is the right time to give you to these!” Mr. Mayor Cat handed them both medals of honor! They lifted the Fish Finder into the air and the newspaper cat took a picture.


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