Enpay Laycay Igpay (Pen Clay Pig)

This has been translated from Pig Latin to English. 

Pen Clay Pig

Pen Clay Pig

My name is Pig. Pen Clay Pig. I was born in the fall. It was warm outside, and I was born out of clay. I’m one of those pigs that gets all muddy. That’s only because I’m made out of the stuff. Well anyway, I’ll get on with the story.

It was about a month ago, that I found out I was the long lost descendent to king Udmay ethay Edray VII (Mud the Red, number 7).  Mud was famous for being the first to cross Edray Udmay Easay (the Red Mud Sea, named after himself), into Pig Country.

Mud was a great father to at least five cute little piglets, a kind king, and a passionate adventurist. By the time he was 21 pig-years old, he had founded two towns and made peace with three countries.

Being related to Mud doesn’t make you famous, but it makes you feel great about being his descendent. What it does do is explain where my family got its color, and other attributes. We are a sort of red-orange color, we have one curl in our tail, a chubby face, and last but not least, we are utterly adorable!  No doubt we have red blood in our veins.

Right now I’m just a piglet, but soon I’ll be free to explore the world. When that day comes I am going to research Mud, and go to Mud’s homeland, Europe. I’ll also research my other ancestors.  I have lots of them!


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