Bob’n Sox, Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Beauty:  mat by Ella, felt hearts by our friend Sonja, heart sticks by Mom

Valentine’s Day Beauty: mat by Ella, felt hearts by our friend Sonja, heart sticks by Mom

Bob got up and walked from his bedroom to his lab office, where he drank some kitty coffee. He did a lab check to see if all the equipment was in its rightful place. It was four a.m. in Kitty City. Kitty City wasn’t really a city, but it still working on it. Sox usually got here at six a.m.

Bob opened his cupboard. He pulled out a pink box with an orange bow, Sox’s favorite colors. He left it at her place on the break table.

When Sox got to the lab, she was wearing her special occasion dress and bow. Bob was making another steaming pot of Kitty Coffee. He brought down to mugs and poured cream and sugar in each. Next he put in the coffee, topping it with whipped cream and a cherry. Sox put two coasters on the Break Table. Sox had brought pastries, including: two turkey in a blankets, caramel cod cookies, a small box of donuts. She put these on the table as well.

Bob was putting plates and the coffee at Sox’s seat. Meanwhile Sox was setting a green and purple present at Bob’s seat.

They sat. Bob said cheerfully, “Thank you for the present, Sox!” as he opened to find the most perfect florescent purple and green bow tie the world had ever seen.

Sox said the same and opened hers. She let out a meow of happiness as she tried on a beautiful pink lab coat! It matched her dress perfectly!

Bob swapped his black bow tie for his awesome new one, and on the spot decided to take Sox out for lunch. Sox decided on the spot she had the most superb job in the universe and hugged Bob.


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