The Pups’ Adventure

Finn was running. Cosmo was trotting and James was loping. They were going at different speeds but all heading to the same stock tank. It was a hot July day and the pups were panting up an ocean. The people were taking a walk so the dogs came too.

When they arrived, Finn went up to the pond and started gulping down great mouthfuls of brown pond water. As soon as he could James joined his little buddy and did the same. Cosmo came trotting beside his people. The festivities were about to begin.

James took the lead in the “Swim to the Middle of the Pond” race. Finn was literally on his tail. James won by a paw. Cosmo was meanwhile warming up for a “‘Round the Pond Relay Race.” Cosmo was in second place. Finn won first.

It was time for their next stop Pond 2. Pond 2 was bigger, better and was for the duck chasing prize. Cosmo was first to the pond, within seconds a flock of ducks came shooting out of the pond. Cosmo did a victory lap. Finn came streaking after him, they played “Get All Wet and Stinky and Splash Pond Water On the People.”

When they got back home, they settled down to a bowl of celebratory Fourth of July dog food.


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