Camels are mammals. They are known for being able to survive in desert conditions without food and water for weeks at a time. They store fat in their humps. This fat is used for energy. When this energy is used, the humps deflate until the camel rehydrates.

There are two kinds of camels, the Bactrian and the Dromedary. They are easy to distinguish. Bactrian camels have two humps, Dromedaries have only one.

Humans use camels for transportation. At their maximum speed camels can run 40 miles per hour (mph) for a short period of time. They can run a steady 25 mph for a longer time.  These speeds make them about as fast as a horse.

Camels’ most common habitat is deserts. They are hunted for their wool and meat. Bactrian camels are one of Earth’s most rare mammal species. One of camels’ defensive reactions is spitting.

Camels are very interesting creatures that should be preserved.


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