School Days Artwork

Ella is back in school and enjoying it!  She likes her teachers and she likes seeing friends and classmates every day.  I’m glad, because her teacher have so many interesting tools for teaching and so much more experience than I had.

One project we did in the Country Home Academy keeps cropping up in Ella’s notebook:  Zentangles!  Here are a couple:

Ella's notebook paper Zentangle

Ella’s notebook paper Zentangle

A Zentangle "H" Ella made for a poster.

A Zentangle “H” Ella made for a poster.

Now I sometimes find Ella studying the our Zentangle book, for new ideas.  Yay!

Ella’s grandmother died about ten years ago, leaving a case of all kinds of paints and brushes.  Ella recently discovered a box of watercolors, and painted this tree.

Ella's watercolor tree

Ella’s watercolor tree

“I love how brilliant these colors are!” said Ella.  “School watercolors are so…so lame.”

It’s true, and it’s sad that students have such poor quality supplies to work with.  When I was a student, we had so-called “safety” scissors:  blunt tipped scissors that could barely cut anything.  They probably were safe, but I know for certain that they were frustrating.  School scissors have improved greatly.  Now it’s time for school watercolors to follow suit.

Are you listening, Prang?



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