Bob ’n Sox: The Field Trip

In Kitty City, Bob and Sox were basically famous. That is why on a chilly Thursday, Bob got a call from Kitty City’s Elementary principal. Principal Calico said,“Mr. Bob, my kinder cats would like to see your lab. I was hoping to arrange a time for them to come.”

”How many kinder cats are there?” Bob asked cautiously.

”About thirty-five,” said Principal Calico.

Bob replied,”Alright, but today my assistant Sox and I are performing some dangerous experiments. Could you bring them tomorrow?”

”Sounds fine. How about tomorrow at 10:00 a.m?” asked Principal Calico.

”Perfect,” said Bob happily.

”Well, have a nice day Mr. Bob.”

”You too, Principal Calico.”

Bob told Sox and they did their last experiment of the day. Next they cleaned the lab. Sox washed beakers and coffee mugs, and put up a new light bulb for the bathroom sink. Bob mopped the floors, filed some papers, and brought out some large tables with the help of Sox, for the kittens’ lunch. They were set.

The next morning, Bob slept late, until about 6:00 a.m. Sox was already in the lab when Bob walked in. She was doing some last minute things. There was a mug of kitty coffee already on the table, with whipped cream and all. Once Sox had put all the books in their correct order, she retired to her armchair. Bob joined her in his armchair.

Sox broke the sleepy silence by saying,”Do you think we should do a fun experiment to show them, Bob?”

Bob said,”That’s a good idea Sox.  What should we show them?”

”What about,” wondered Sox,”using food to make paint!”

”That’s perfect, Sox!”

”We could put the pictures on the lab walls!”

”Then we could make CDs for their parents!”

”I’ll run to the store!”said Sox before Bob could say another word.

It was nine-thirty before Sox got back, her arms were full of blackberries, beets, cocoa powder, turmeric, and mustard powder. Bob got the rest. There was a knock at the door.

Bob opened the door, to see thirty-five little smiling faces and around eight taller cats also smiling. He welcomed them in. He told them about what he and Sox did, and told them about lab safety. Next he started the tour. Sox told them about her work with Bob, and how they had been best friends for most of their lives.

After the tour, Bob sat them down and with the help of the teachers, brought out the supplies. The kittens were all very happy mushing the blackberries, grating the beets, and mixing the mustard, cocoa, and turmeric with water. They painted wonderful pictures which Bob and Sox copied onto CDs for parents, and hung the originals on the lab walls.

This was the first of what later became known as the annual ”Bob ’n Sox Day.”