At birth, the average weight of an elephant is 200-250 pounds (lb). The young elephant takes several months to gain full control of its trunk. Elephants are mammals. That means they give live birth and are fed milk.

These mammals are herbivores, that means they don’t eat meat. They eat things like grasses, leaves, bamboo, bark, and roots. Elephants also eat crops like banana and sugarcane which are grown by humans and are unnaturally planted on the land. In twenty-four hours the adult elephant can eat as much as 660 lb.

The main threat for elephants is habitat loss. Human populations are taking more and more land for agriculture, building cities, and hunting, or poaching because to hunt elephantsis illegal. They are an endangered species because of natural disasters and human interaction.

They do not deserve this. They make family bonds, have emotions, and altogether are extremely intelligent creatures. That in my opinion is something that should be preserved.