Bob ’n Sox: The Field Trip

In Kitty City, Bob and Sox were basically famous. That is why on a chilly Thursday, Bob got a call from Kitty City’s Elementary principal. Principal Calico said,“Mr. Bob, my kinder cats would like to see your lab. I was hoping to arrange a time for them to come.”

”How many kinder cats are there?” Bob asked cautiously.

”About thirty-five,” said Principal Calico.

Bob replied,”Alright, but today my assistant Sox and I are performing some dangerous experiments. Could you bring them tomorrow?”

”Sounds fine. How about tomorrow at 10:00 a.m?” asked Principal Calico.

”Perfect,” said Bob happily.

”Well, have a nice day Mr. Bob.”

”You too, Principal Calico.”

Bob told Sox and they did their last experiment of the day. Next they cleaned the lab. Sox washed beakers and coffee mugs, and put up a new light bulb for the bathroom sink. Bob mopped the floors, filed some papers, and brought out some large tables with the help of Sox, for the kittens’ lunch. They were set.

The next morning, Bob slept late, until about 6:00 a.m. Sox was already in the lab when Bob walked in. She was doing some last minute things. There was a mug of kitty coffee already on the table, with whipped cream and all. Once Sox had put all the books in their correct order, she retired to her armchair. Bob joined her in his armchair.

Sox broke the sleepy silence by saying,”Do you think we should do a fun experiment to show them, Bob?”

Bob said,”That’s a good idea Sox.  What should we show them?”

”What about,” wondered Sox,”using food to make paint!”

”That’s perfect, Sox!”

”We could put the pictures on the lab walls!”

”Then we could make CDs for their parents!”

”I’ll run to the store!”said Sox before Bob could say another word.

It was nine-thirty before Sox got back, her arms were full of blackberries, beets, cocoa powder, turmeric, and mustard powder. Bob got the rest. There was a knock at the door.

Bob opened the door, to see thirty-five little smiling faces and around eight taller cats also smiling. He welcomed them in. He told them about what he and Sox did, and told them about lab safety. Next he started the tour. Sox told them about her work with Bob, and how they had been best friends for most of their lives.

After the tour, Bob sat them down and with the help of the teachers, brought out the supplies. The kittens were all very happy mushing the blackberries, grating the beets, and mixing the mustard, cocoa, and turmeric with water. They painted wonderful pictures which Bob and Sox copied onto CDs for parents, and hung the originals on the lab walls.

This was the first of what later became known as the annual ”Bob ’n Sox Day.”


Bob’n Sox: The Missing Turtle

Sox had a big family. She had nine siblings, twenty-three aunts and uncles, and who could forget about her dear grandmothers. One of these dear grandmothers was named Charlotte. Charlotte was a kind calico. She loved all her children and grandchildren.

Charlotte almost never asked for favors, but she had turtle that liked to wander. When the turtle got lost she would be worried sick. That was the reason she called Sox’s cell phone at work. Bob and Sox were testing out their new invention: the Kitten Crate, equipped with snacks, an automatic arm for balls of string, a robotic mouse, and several board games. The cats were in the middle of testing, when Sox heard her telephone ring.

She answered with a “Hello, Sox Tabby speaking.” The reply was a hysterical meow from the other end. Bob worked on his invention while Sox asked Charlotte if she had looked in the turtle case.

When Sox was done talking on the phone, she said, “Do you remember Tomato, my grandmother’s  turtle?” Bob nodded. “She’s missing again,” said Sox.

“Has Charlotte looked in the back yard?” asked Bob.  That’s where Tomato was found, the last time she went missing.  “Does this mean we have to fix the The Turtle Tailer?” he added.

“Yes and yes,” Sox meowed.

“We have to find it first,” commented Bob.

That is exactly what took them the next three hours to do. Sox found The Turtle Tailer under the microscope table. To fix it, the cats had to replace the scanner that looked for a chip installed in Tomato’s shell. The Turtle Tailer could also be programmed to track a specific gene in a turtle or other animal.

After the cats finished their repair, they headed to Sox’s grandmother’s house. They set up The Turtle Tailer, and went inside so the machine could do its work. Charlotte  made her famous Catnip Crispy Treats. Bob directed The Turtle Tailer from a catPad.

Bob and Sox had just finished all the Catnip Crispy Treats, when Bob exclaimed, “I found Tomato! She’s in the fridge!”

Charlotte meowed. “I was getting her a tomato. She must have crawled in while the door was open!’’ she said.

They opened the fridge door and there was Tomato, gorging herself on the tomatoes!

Bob’n Sox, Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Beauty:  mat by Ella, felt hearts by our friend Sonja, heart sticks by Mom

Valentine’s Day Beauty: mat by Ella, felt hearts by our friend Sonja, heart sticks by Mom

Bob got up and walked from his bedroom to his lab office, where he drank some kitty coffee. He did a lab check to see if all the equipment was in its rightful place. It was four a.m. in Kitty City. Kitty City wasn’t really a city, but it still working on it. Sox usually got here at six a.m.

Bob opened his cupboard. He pulled out a pink box with an orange bow, Sox’s favorite colors. He left it at her place on the break table.

When Sox got to the lab, she was wearing her special occasion dress and bow. Bob was making another steaming pot of Kitty Coffee. He brought down to mugs and poured cream and sugar in each. Next he put in the coffee, topping it with whipped cream and a cherry. Sox put two coasters on the Break Table. Sox had brought pastries, including: two turkey in a blankets, caramel cod cookies, a small box of donuts. She put these on the table as well.

Bob was putting plates and the coffee at Sox’s seat. Meanwhile Sox was setting a green and purple present at Bob’s seat.

They sat. Bob said cheerfully, “Thank you for the present, Sox!” as he opened to find the most perfect florescent purple and green bow tie the world had ever seen.

Sox said the same and opened hers. She let out a meow of happiness as she tried on a beautiful pink lab coat! It matched her dress perfectly!

Bob swapped his black bow tie for his awesome new one, and on the spot decided to take Sox out for lunch. Sox decided on the spot she had the most superb job in the universe and hugged Bob.

Bob ’n Sox

Bob the Cat, relaxing after work

Bob the Cat, relaxing after work

Bob the cat lives at a lab. Yesterday he ate a lab rat. Nobody got mad at him though. The reason for that is, Bob owns the lab.

Bob is a black cat, he looks very good in his white lab coat. One day, Bob was in his white lab coat mixing a vat of Kitty Mix, when Sox walked in. Sox is Bob’s tabby lab assistant. Sox looks very good in her white lab coat. Sox was purring and holding a clip board.

She said, “Mr. Mayor Cat says that we should go ahead and make the Fish Finder.”

“Good,” said Bob.

So they started.

Sox, tabby lab assistant

Sox, tabby lab assistant

When they were done, they ate some fish they had caught with the new invention. They announced that they were finished, and arranged a time to present the invention. After that, they went to bed.

The next day, they got up bright and early. Bob  put on his white lab coat and tie, and caught more fish. After they ate, Bob and Sox flossed and packed the Fish Finder into its carrier case and went to the wharf.

They met Mr. Mayor Cat, and the rest of the town. They set the Fish Finder in the water. after about five minutes, it hopped out of the water holding three good sized fish. After they ate to there content, Mr. Mayor Cat called for quiet. He asked Bob and Sox to stand up.

He said, “Bob and Sox have created the best invention this town has seen since the fishing pole. I think that this is the right time to give you to these!” Mr. Mayor Cat handed them both medals of honor! They lifted the Fish Finder into the air and the newspaper cat took a picture.

Enpay Laycay Igpay (Pen Clay Pig)

This has been translated from Pig Latin to English. 

Pen Clay Pig

Pen Clay Pig

My name is Pig. Pen Clay Pig. I was born in the fall. It was warm outside, and I was born out of clay. I’m one of those pigs that gets all muddy. That’s only because I’m made out of the stuff. Well anyway, I’ll get on with the story.

It was about a month ago, that I found out I was the long lost descendent to king Udmay ethay Edray VII (Mud the Red, number 7).  Mud was famous for being the first to cross Edray Udmay Easay (the Red Mud Sea, named after himself), into Pig Country.

Mud was a great father to at least five cute little piglets, a kind king, and a passionate adventurist. By the time he was 21 pig-years old, he had founded two towns and made peace with three countries.

Being related to Mud doesn’t make you famous, but it makes you feel great about being his descendent. What it does do is explain where my family got its color, and other attributes. We are a sort of red-orange color, we have one curl in our tail, a chubby face, and last but not least, we are utterly adorable!  No doubt we have red blood in our veins.

Right now I’m just a piglet, but soon I’ll be free to explore the world. When that day comes I am going to research Mud, and go to Mud’s homeland, Europe. I’ll also research my other ancestors.  I have lots of them!

The Mysterious Occurrences Of Widow Mansion

Long Oaks was a strange, out of the way town. It was one of those small places that never seemed to get any bigger. One of the strangest things about this place, was that it was at least as old as the The War of Independence, but it had no known historical records. It was if someone had destroyed all the history. The builders of the rundown, rickety, old town were long dead, and so were their secrets.

Like every old town, Long Oaks had a place that frightening stories were made up about. Unlike, most old towns, Long Oaks was just plain scary, and the fact that they had the mysterious occurrences at Widow Mansion to think about, didn’t make it any less frightening.

“Any way you try look at this town’s situation, you get so scared, you pee!” said Mark, one of the previous Long Oaks elementary school students. The day after Mark said this, he and his very frightened family, moved out.

People were scared of the noises. Scared of the screams.

The day before the event, the town was acting abnormally non-scary. The children didn’t come home with white faces, saying they had seen a ghost. The cooks’ food didn’t taste like old oatmeal, and most strangely, nobody really had a bad day. But the villagers knew, something was wrong, something was horribly wrong.

The next day, after school, Mark and two other boys dared each other to go into Widow Mansion. They said they saw things, scary things. The worst (and most unbelievable) was that they saw the widow herself. People had gone there before but only heard noises. Screams, footsteps and such, but never had they seen anything.  The boys brought something back that was stranger than the boys’ story—the widow’s will.

The widow was old and had a fatal disease called small pox. She lived in a Puritan society, and didn’t have any relatives, except her loving son who was the owner of the mansion (and soon all of the widow’s property). They were rich and good people. Sadly, before the widow died of small pox, she was drowned for being a suspected witch.

Her last words before she was dunked in the water were,  “ MY SON!” Her son was now owner of everything in the mansion. From then on she haunted the town.

The only thing in her will that was recovered, was a shining locket. The town decided that they would have to give the locket to the son’s grave. So one day  three scared people approached the son’s grave and placed the locket onto the flat ground. The ground sucked the locket in, and suddenly the grey clouds that seemed to always hang over the town lifted and everything turned green and happy. Long Oaks was never haunted or saddened again.

The Ill-Fated Lab Tour

“Hello there, I’ll be your tour guide,” said Lanea. “Now that you have chosen your place in line we may begin.”

Lanea started walking.  “If you look to your left, you can see our janitor, Dave, carrying two abnormally large trash bags.  He wants all you young ladies to know he is single!” commented the tour guide with a slight twinkle in her eye as Dave winked at a blond young girl with hazel eyes.

“He has to carry these trash bags because one of our labs froze over and our supplies had to be thrown out.  Due to one of our scientists deciding to get his bowl of chili and left the door of the freezer open.  Don’t ask me why he froze his chili, but he did.

“Everyone has denied having chili that night.  I can’t describe the tone of voice used with the words spoken by the culprit!  Oops! I didn’t mean to excite you!”  The group of people were silent with quiet amusement.  They were standing just by the place they had seen Dave.

“Is this lab located on a slope?” asked a boy.

“Yes,” said Lanea and started walking again.  “I don’t mean to be impolite,” she said.

“Oh! We’ve arrived!  My favorite hall! This hall’s design was a failure, but the ‘flawed’ type of arch became a new style.” told Lanea.

A stout man came and whispered something in Lanea’s ear.  Her smiling face turned grim.  “Sorry,” she said, “we’ll have to stop the tour.  The growth of the accident has nearly reached us.”

“Surely it can’t be that cold,” said a thin girl.

“You haven’t heard all of it yet,” said Lanea glumly.  “Everyone trying to shut the freezer has died!”

“But it can’t be that cold,” said the thin girl again.

“No it isn’t,” said the shocked tour guide, “It’s the smell of the chili.”