Hair Today, Pun Tomorrow

Ella riffs on hair, haircuts, and hairstyles.

Hair Puns

I mustache you a question. You should hair me out. I will have to be bowld.

While eyebrows through puns, will you mullet over?  You don’t have to be abraid to giggle–later you can say that your sideburns from laughing so much.

If you were a boy and knew these puns, curls would be flocking to you!

Once they get a quiff of these puns, they’ll never want to go back.

But some silly people might just dread these puns.  They’ll say “Permagerd!”  Inside they are trying not to dye laughing.  When other people start using these puns, you’ll have to say “Mousse over.  This is my turf!”

So I’ll have to pixie some puns and go out…


Need help?  These are the hairy words to look for:  mustache, hair, bowl (as in haircut), eyebrows, mullet, braid, sideburns, curls, quaff, dread (as in locks), perm, dye, mousse, pixie (haircut).

Remember the Er-ma-gerd girl?  Permagerd, whair have you been the last five years?