Bob’n Sox: The Missing Turtle

Sox had a big family. She had nine siblings, twenty-three aunts and uncles, and who could forget about her dear grandmothers. One of these dear grandmothers was named Charlotte. Charlotte was a kind calico. She loved all her children and grandchildren.

Charlotte almost never asked for favors, but she had turtle that liked to wander. When the turtle got lost she would be worried sick. That was the reason she called Sox’s cell phone at work. Bob and Sox were testing out their new invention: the Kitten Crate, equipped with snacks, an automatic arm for balls of string, a robotic mouse, and several board games. The cats were in the middle of testing, when Sox heard her telephone ring.

She answered with a “Hello, Sox Tabby speaking.” The reply was a hysterical meow from the other end. Bob worked on his invention while Sox asked Charlotte if she had looked in the turtle case.

When Sox was done talking on the phone, she said, “Do you remember Tomato, my grandmother’s  turtle?” Bob nodded. “She’s missing again,” said Sox.

“Has Charlotte looked in the back yard?” asked Bob.  That’s where Tomato was found, the last time she went missing.  “Does this mean we have to fix the The Turtle Tailer?” he added.

“Yes and yes,” Sox meowed.

“We have to find it first,” commented Bob.

That is exactly what took them the next three hours to do. Sox found The Turtle Tailer under the microscope table. To fix it, the cats had to replace the scanner that looked for a chip installed in Tomato’s shell. The Turtle Tailer could also be programmed to track a specific gene in a turtle or other animal.

After the cats finished their repair, they headed to Sox’s grandmother’s house. They set up The Turtle Tailer, and went inside so the machine could do its work. Charlotte  made her famous Catnip Crispy Treats. Bob directed The Turtle Tailer from a catPad.

Bob and Sox had just finished all the Catnip Crispy Treats, when Bob exclaimed, “I found Tomato! She’s in the fridge!”

Charlotte meowed. “I was getting her a tomato. She must have crawled in while the door was open!’’ she said.

They opened the fridge door and there was Tomato, gorging herself on the tomatoes!