Lainey’s Kittens

I have a cat named Lainey.  Lainey is creamy orange tabby. She is a small cat. When Lainey came to us she was a fat kitten. She was fat from then on.  Before we could have her spayed, Lainey got sick. When she was taking her medicine she couldn’t be fixed. After she was well again, we forgot about fixing her. Soon Lainey became even rounder than she already was.

Miss Lainey had kittens on the April 17th, 2014. They were born on a drizzly Thursday. Lainey gave birth to the kittens in a small cat bed. At the time the other cats were eating. She was screeching her little cat head off when she gave birth.

There were five of them in all. Two were beautiful baby girls, both calicos: one is small and more tabby-like but still a calico, and the other isn’t much larger and has a quarter of an orange tabby face. Three were sweet orange tabbies:  we know that two were boys. Sadly one of these adorable orange kittens died. Its name was Banana and the poor little kitten is always loved.

Lainey, my cousin Alanna, and I have named them Poppy the small calico, Rose the quarter tabby calico, Felix the smaller tabby, and Simon the large tabby.

Poppy is the smallest, but her eyes started to open first. Cats’ eyes usually open in five to nine days from when they are born. Lainey’s kittens will probably have theirs open in nine.

The kittens are very adorable, but not very active (yet). They huddle up with their Mom, and sit on top of each other. Best of all is when they make little noises or when they give a huge yawn and stretch their itty bitty kitten paws.

Lainey is very protective of her new kittens and loves them very much. She trusts us enough to hold the kittens even when she is around.

These kittens are lucky to have a loving, trusting and very beautiful mother.

Lainey and Her Kittens

Lainey and Her Kittens