Bob’n Sox: The Missing Turtle

Sox had a big family. She had nine siblings, twenty-three aunts and uncles, and who could forget about her dear grandmothers. One of these dear grandmothers was named Charlotte. Charlotte was a kind calico. She loved all her children and grandchildren.

Charlotte almost never asked for favors, but she had turtle that liked to wander. When the turtle got lost she would be worried sick. That was the reason she called Sox’s cell phone at work. Bob and Sox were testing out their new invention: the Kitten Crate, equipped with snacks, an automatic arm for balls of string, a robotic mouse, and several board games. The cats were in the middle of testing, when Sox heard her telephone ring.

She answered with a “Hello, Sox Tabby speaking.” The reply was a hysterical meow from the other end. Bob worked on his invention while Sox asked Charlotte if she had looked in the turtle case.

When Sox was done talking on the phone, she said, “Do you remember Tomato, my grandmother’s  turtle?” Bob nodded. “She’s missing again,” said Sox.

“Has Charlotte looked in the back yard?” asked Bob.  That’s where Tomato was found, the last time she went missing.  “Does this mean we have to fix the The Turtle Tailer?” he added.

“Yes and yes,” Sox meowed.

“We have to find it first,” commented Bob.

That is exactly what took them the next three hours to do. Sox found The Turtle Tailer under the microscope table. To fix it, the cats had to replace the scanner that looked for a chip installed in Tomato’s shell. The Turtle Tailer could also be programmed to track a specific gene in a turtle or other animal.

After the cats finished their repair, they headed to Sox’s grandmother’s house. They set up The Turtle Tailer, and went inside so the machine could do its work. Charlotte  made her famous Catnip Crispy Treats. Bob directed The Turtle Tailer from a catPad.

Bob and Sox had just finished all the Catnip Crispy Treats, when Bob exclaimed, “I found Tomato! She’s in the fridge!”

Charlotte meowed. “I was getting her a tomato. She must have crawled in while the door was open!’’ she said.

They opened the fridge door and there was Tomato, gorging herself on the tomatoes!


Bob and Sox at Easter

Bob has a sister. His sister has a son and daughter. Bob loves his niece Izzy and his nephew Roosevelt (or Rosie for short)  very much.

It was the day before Easter. Bob was talking to Sox about how much Izzy and Rosie loved the challenge of finding Easter eggs, when Sox exclaimed,”Bob! We should make a machine that can hide Easter eggs in hard to find places!”

Our Easter Display

Our Easter Display

“We could call it the Easter Egg Hider! The idea is perfect, Sox!”

Sox made coffee while Bob gathered up supplies. They made blue prints and then they started on the invention.

After seven hours of intense concentration, they were finally able to stand back and admire their hard work.

The Easter Egg Hider had an extendable arm, a waterproof metal covering, and a small pad for programming it to hide Easter eggs.  It had a sensor that looked at the environment and logically found places to hide eggs.  It had the appearance of a large egg on legs. It was a beautiful piece of work. Sox had done one of her famous painting jobs.

Bob stuffed it full of vibrantly colored kitty treat eggs. They were ready for Izzy and Roosevelt.

Bob woke up at seven the following morning. He called Sox, she said she would be over at eight. Next he called his sister Lainey, she was going to get there at nine.

Sox and Bob let the Egg Hider go and gosh was it wonderful. It put eggs in places not even Sox would look, and Sox was very creative in Easter Egg hunts. Some eggs were peeking out of birds nests, others on a lily pad in Bob’s pond.

When Lainey and her kittens got there, everyone joined in the fun. It took the entire day for them to find all sixty eggs. The kittens would race each other to eggs, and when they found two in the same area they would yell, “Over here!” Then at the end of the day Izzy and Rosie, as if it were rehearsed, yelled together, “BEST EASTER EGG HUNT EVER!”

Bob’n Sox, Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Beauty:  mat by Ella, felt hearts by our friend Sonja, heart sticks by Mom

Valentine’s Day Beauty: mat by Ella, felt hearts by our friend Sonja, heart sticks by Mom

Bob got up and walked from his bedroom to his lab office, where he drank some kitty coffee. He did a lab check to see if all the equipment was in its rightful place. It was four a.m. in Kitty City. Kitty City wasn’t really a city, but it still working on it. Sox usually got here at six a.m.

Bob opened his cupboard. He pulled out a pink box with an orange bow, Sox’s favorite colors. He left it at her place on the break table.

When Sox got to the lab, she was wearing her special occasion dress and bow. Bob was making another steaming pot of Kitty Coffee. He brought down to mugs and poured cream and sugar in each. Next he put in the coffee, topping it with whipped cream and a cherry. Sox put two coasters on the Break Table. Sox had brought pastries, including: two turkey in a blankets, caramel cod cookies, a small box of donuts. She put these on the table as well.

Bob was putting plates and the coffee at Sox’s seat. Meanwhile Sox was setting a green and purple present at Bob’s seat.

They sat. Bob said cheerfully, “Thank you for the present, Sox!” as he opened to find the most perfect florescent purple and green bow tie the world had ever seen.

Sox said the same and opened hers. She let out a meow of happiness as she tried on a beautiful pink lab coat! It matched her dress perfectly!

Bob swapped his black bow tie for his awesome new one, and on the spot decided to take Sox out for lunch. Sox decided on the spot she had the most superb job in the universe and hugged Bob.